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Marriage by Proxy vs. Online Wedding

One question I get every day is "What's the difference between proxy marriage and online marriage? Which is better?"

I will answer this question briefly and objectively:

In fact, we know that both methods result in a legally recognized marriage, both by public authorities and private entities, but they differ significantly in their processes.

While a proxy marriage has to be done by a lawyer who will organize the necessary paperwork as required by the local authorities of the country where the marriage is going to take place, an online wedding can be done only by having each of the bride and groom and the two witnesses a valid document. And it can be completed in as little as 3 days, whereas a proxy marriage can last for months.

How is this possible?

The pandemic has significantly accelerated the adoption of online services, including for wedding celebrations. Some American states, especially those with a libertarian bent that are against excessive state control and against bureaucracy, have chosen to simplify the marriage process by making it accessible online. This innovation not only speeds up the procedure, but also makes it more inclusive and adaptable to contemporary needs.

They realized that there are other ways of carrying out the necessary verification of an individual's history using the passport's barcode. It is possible to match even with other documents, but verification takes a few more days.

Because these states belong to the territory of the United States, which is a signatory to the Hague treaty, the marriage is recognized internationally after it is duly apostilled.


You don't need to be a genius to see that getting married online is much faster, cheaper and less bureaucratic.

For immigration purposes, getting married online is also more advantageous as the certificate does not state that the marriage was done online, while marriage by proxy states that the marriage was celebrated by proxies and also states the name of the proxies, which may raise questions from university authorities.

It is up to each person to choose the simplest or most complicated path, cheapest or most expensive, fastest or waiting months to get married.

Online Marriage: The Smart Choice in a Modern World

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